Who shouldn’t use this treatment?

Under no circumstances should anyone with a serious, life-threatening infection such as HIV embark on this treatment and, similarly, anyone with a history of cancer or blood clotting disorders will, in all but the most benign of cases, be precluded from proceeding.

Women who are planning on becoming pregnant in the near future need to weigh up the possible pros and cons in discussion with their medical professional. However, due to the lack of clinical data, anyone who is pregnant would need to wait until after the child is born before beginning the treatment.

Anyone with a history of anaemia should have their iron levels checked and, if necessary, get these into the normal range using supplements or dietary modification before commencing.

If you have a history of intestinal strictures or bowel blockages, or you are currently experiencing symptoms associated with intestinal scarring due to IBD, please contact us to discuss further as the introduction of NA can, in the short term, lead to the exacerbation of these symptoms.